Olsen Twins, DTC Shirts and some Jerkin’ 6

First, I want to share this with you.

Don’t feel bad, it makes me hard too, and no it’s not really them it’s been Photoshopped (look at the hair on her shoulders).

Ok, moving on to the more important issues of the night. Well when I got home yesterday morning from work we had to pack for the post office, which was fine it had to be done. I finished my portion around 12:00pm (which by the way makes no sense for 12pm to be mid day and 12am to be midnight) and decided to sleep some. I figured I would get in a good 8 hours and get up around 8pm then move on to the things I wanted to get done, which where many and I will write about later on in this post. Well, I woke up at 4:30pm to piss then went back to bed because that is not nearly enough sleep I thought. When my dad started punching in the code to open my front door at midnight because I wasn’t answering my phone to make sure I was up to go to work and was shocked I slept so long. Apparently I was behind on sleep. It kind of pisses me off though because I had a lot of shit I really wanted to get done that now I have to do when I get off work today. It’s fine though because I don’t have to work tonight so I can do whatever the fuckle (yes I said fuckle, deal with it) I want to.

Now on to the things I wanted to get done today, err yesterday that I will now do today. I wanted to re-arrange my office since I’m not going to be moving out I should put in the new desk that I have had sitting there for two months. This involves moving a lot of shit, but in the end will be much more efficient for me in getting work done I believe. The desk is probably twice as big as the one I currently use, this is good since I was running out of room on the one I use now. Once I finished that I wanted to do a general clean up and possibly move a few things around in my room to clean it up and make it look better for when I bring honeys home.

After that I figured I would work on getting the albums 8 and 9 finished for Damn The Cow, since I have all the songs finished I just need to do the artwork and CD layouts for them. I really want to get them released this month so that the first 9 will all be out before 2006 since I would really like 2006 to be the year for all the new stuff to be released. To get all this older stuff behind us and never speak of it again, until someone gets a copy of it and says how much we suck. I am hoping that 2006 will the first Damn The Cow studio album and we can work from there. We also want to get some T-Shirts made and I am going to try and have a sample of what the image on the shirts would be for this post, but more then likely it will be on a post later today after I get some shit done. Hopefully some of you will be “OMFG!!! I MUST BUY THAT!!!” and give us money. They will be $10.

Nothing exciting happened at work tonight, Clip and Bennett where here until about 4:30am or so, so at least that gave me someone to talk to waste time. At around 3am or so these two really cute girls came in, one obviously way to drunk to think straight the other taking well good care of her intoxicated friend and wanted to bowl, so I put them on lane three. When asked what shoe size the inebriated one said “8 ½ 9” to which I asked which one? And she said “7? 9? I don’t know.” Granted this was probably because of her less then sober state, but I always find it funny when people do not know what size show they wear. This happens A LOT here, so much more then I would expect. Honestly do people just randomly grab shoes that look the right size until they find them without looking? I swear. More to the point Clip wanted me to ‘break’ their lane to move them closer to them. In all honesty I should have put them next to them to begin with, but I just wasn’t thinking. I generally like to spread people out when they come in but I totally should have been looking out for them. Anyway, long story short Clip never went and talked to them, EVENTHOUGH they came over and said hello to them. He is a bigger pussy then I am. I even went over and talked to them a few times, and THAT is amazing I SWEAR. They left with out them, but it was good fun.


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