$1,100 a month is not enough to live on. 2

So I started writing up my resume last night. It actually shows a good work history, I was rather surprised. I just need to get more schooling on it and polish it up to make it look better. I’m thinking about posting it on Monster.com once I have it nice and polished to see if I can possibly get a better job somewhere doing art, or at least something creative. Again, it’s not that I dislike working here, it’s just I need to make more money. Let me break it down for you.

I make on average $1,100 a month.
Car payment is $300 leaving me with $800.
Insurance is $134 a month, leaving me with $666.
Gas is $120 a month, leaving me with $546.
Cell Phone is $20 a month, leaving me with $526.
My Sunday bowling league which is $80 a month, leaving me with $446.
Travel league which is $50 a month, leaving me with $364.

That’s all the bills I have right now, but when I move out next month I will be adding rent, cable internet, utilities and food to that, and I only have $364 to cover all that which will probably leave me with nothing. I would like to be able to put some money away each month to build up my savings account so I have some fall back money/money to put down on a house some day.

Making a guess I will probably be paying $350 to $400 a month for rent and utilities, which would leave me with $14 for food and spending money and almost no money to put away for the future. I know these are problems most people face, but this is me I’m talking about here so it finally matters to me! I honestly do not see how an employer can expect a young individual to live comfortably on $1,100 a month, it’s just not really possibly unless you sell drugs or sex on the side.

Norma (my boss) asked me today if I would be interested in doing soft count, which pays $8.50 an hour (I make $8.25 right now). Soft count is a 2 hour shift in the mornings from 7:30am to 9:00am (I know that’s only an hour and a half but you get paid for 2 hours minimum). The thing is I would love to do it in addition to my 40 hours that I work right now, but she told me I would have to work 30 graveyard hours and 10 soft count hours. So my incentive to do this would be an extra $5 on my paycheck. The only way it would really be worth it is if she would schedule me for 4 days on graveyard, and change the graveyard hours to 11pm to 7am, like every other department here, and put me on soft count for those 4 days as well. That would give me 3days off in a row each week, which would fucking own. The odds of her doing that are almost zero.

What would be better then this is if she would just pay us a decent wage, like $9 an hour at least, because that would be around $1200 a month or so and that extra $100 would be awesome and then I might stay here longer. What I should focus on is just getting my resume nice, up on Monster.com and get a better job.

Seriously, with only $14 to spend a month on food I’m in general just fucked. I defiantly need to find a way to supplement my income or I’m going to be one poor SOB, but at least I will have a nice car right?

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2 thoughts on “$1,100 a month is not enough to live on.

  • magman

    Singular Working
    It’s very true that it’s near-impossible to live on what a single person can make. Even with my making around $2800 or so a month, mortgage eats half of that. And then there’s the fact that I have a family of five here, including myself, to contend with. Laura’s been working full time as well for about a month now, and we’re kind of above water with the two of us out there.
    Of course, the moment something Expensively Bad happens, we’re pretty much fucked. Us being above water depends on the world not peeing on me…and the chances of that are near zero.

    • jhorsley3

      Re: Singular Working
      yeah its hard to make it out there. this is why i need to get a higher paying job, im working on it though getting my resume together and shit. if only shit wasnt so god damned expensive.