14dec07 – read this or die 2


Once you go Norris, you are physically unable to go back

So I spent some more time today reworking my website, made it more readable I think. Why don’t you take a hope on over and look? I’m still working on updating the site with more drawigns and sketches, Also looking into changing the design of the site a little bit. Baby steps people, Baby steps.

It’s funny how I only work 5 1/2 hours a day, yet I still just want to go home and wrestle with my boys and annoy my wife. On the plus side, I will get to do just that in less then 45 minutes from now.
I guess my Grandpa Lefty is up at my parents house visiting with baby Mathieu so Kim called to have Kaylie come up with Jakob so he could see him too. To bad Kodi is at school, he LOVES Grandpa Lefty. We are going to have to take him up there sometime.

I have a lot I need ot rant about, so I will do that sometime this weekend. Sorry this is a short post, but I will post this for your enjoyment.

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