12nov07 – baby girl, stuff and more stuff 2

Chuck Norris never goes to the dentist because his teeth are unbreakable. His enemies never go to the dentist because they have no teeth.

You know what is great about owning a laptop? The fact that Kaylie is driving the car back home from Portland and I am sitting here with it on my lap writting a blog entry. Sweet. Super Sweet.
Yeah, it is safe to say that I love this thing…alot. I’ve spent a good amoun of time playing with the settings to make it work all spiffy. There is one neat and almost uselss feature this laptop has. Wan’t to see what it is? It’s this:
Well you don’t get to see what it was because I did not get it done. What I was going to do is take a picture with the laptops built in webcam, but it did not want to work last night. Do no picture for you!

Somehow I hurt my right eye over the weekend and my eyelid is swollen up a little and hurts. Hopefully it’s not pink eye. I havn’t had my face in anyones ass lately (watch Knocked Up to understand the reference)

In case you havn’t seen it:

THAT is my little girl! If you look at the second photo, you will see my baby girls butt. The first and third photo show her face. She looks like an alien.
Kaylie and I spent some time looking at bedroom sets last night for her. Then we remembered she doesn’t get a bedroom because we suck and don’t have any room. Then we got super depressed at how poor we are. Then I vowed to do my husbandly duties and get a better job, move us out to our own house and give my little girls and boys their own room (and me an office)
I’m appling for some new jobs, hopefully I can get one. I think this time around with having the tech support attached to my reusme will help where as before I only had the customer service lable on there.
I did however get myself a job re-tooling a guys website. I have to spend part of today doing research for some SOE shit and get back to him. But I should stand to make some money off of this.


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