10dec07 – Memoirs hits 36k!


Chuck Norris won super bowls VII and VIII singlehandedly before unexpectedly retiring to pursue a career in ass-kicking.


36,028 / 75,000 words. 48% done!
It’s depressing to see that meter and it only say 48% done. I’m trying to get my first 20 chapters up to a good 40,000 word mark and more on from there. Unfortunaly that does not look like it is going to happen, but I will get close! My wife said that once I finish the re-vamp of the first 20 chapters she will actually read the story and give me thoughts on it. I’ll just say YAY! to that. I am really curious for someone to read the first 20 chapters and give me some good feedback on them. Anyone out there interested?

I’m going to talk to some people about where I take this when I have it done to get it published. So if anyone out there has any ideas, please let me know. I do have a lot of faith in this story and think that it is great and written very well. I do think that it would do well if promoted properly and picked up by a decent publisher. I think the story is original and I believe that the characters are memorable, the jokes are funny and the plot is deep. I’ve never really been this sure of anything I’ve done, but when it comes to ‘Memoirs’ I have nothing but confidence in it. I don’t think there is a story out there like this, I could be wrong, but I dont think I am. You read it and tell me.

So I have been using alot of the google products recently. Mainly Google Reader for all my RSS needs. Man is it great. Not that I want to nor need to promote Google to anyone here, but holy fuck on a stick, Google makes things sooo much easier for me. I’ll write more later, but I just wanted to give you an update on memoirs and tell you that I <3 google.


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