10/31/2007 – Memoirs, y2cl and nothing to do with Halloween. 4

One day Chuck Norris walked down the street with a massive erection. There were no survivors.

y2cl update
So I was up until something like 1:30 or 2:00 am last night working on strips. As you see I posted a new one today. I’m sort of picking up where I left off in the story a year ago to try and close some things up so I can move on. We have a three strip arc that was penciled by Artsta and hopeuflly digi-painted/colored by Tim Vaal and written/inked by myself. I’ve gotten 2 of the 3 pages back from Artsta and they look great! I’m still waiting to hear back from Tim Vaal if this is an arc he would like to color. This arc will tie up all loose ends that where left over from the ‘Crisis’ and ‘Search for Garmy Pants’ story arcs that seemened to go no where.

Daily Memoirs Update
current word count: 27,512
So I am up to chapter 8 in my re-writes to explain more about the story. As you can see I’ve all ready addedy some 7,000 words in doing so. By the time I hit chapter 20 on the re-writes I should be well over my 40,000 word goal for the first 20 chapters. I am trying to average 2,000 words a chapter. Just a silly goal of mine. The first 7 chapters total 12,489 words, so righ tnow I am averaging roughly 1,784 words a chapter. Not bad since one of the chapters is like 53 words.
As far as what is happening in the story, I just got finished writting in another story about a character named ‘Ricky’ who has in this most recent re-write become a more promonate character. I think I’ve written one of my last scenes with him in it, though I might bring him back. He is sort of the person the main character hates, so its fun to write their scenes.

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