10/16/2007 – y2cl, memoirs and some other shit.

Today’s Random Chuck Noris Fact:

A man once asked Chuck Norris if his real name is “Charles”. Chuck Norris did not respond, he simply stared at him until he exploded.

On Saturday I had to come into work from 10am-2pm. I didn’t get much done except drawing. There where no calls, and nothing really to do. I had this bright idea that after work I would pack up the family and head down to Seaside, Oregon.

We went there this same time last year on a whim, and now we returned. Only this time we didnt take 7 fucking hours to get there. We had a Tom Tom to guide us on the path down and back. 3 hours after our departure from home we arived.

I got to say, for a place where we basically just walk around, fly kites and generally don’t do a whole lot of anything, it’s an emense amount of fun. Kodi was…well good sometimes and a terror at others. It was interesting to say the least.

I think we are planning to go back down there at Christmas time for a few days. We always stay in this cheap little motel called the Royale Motel. It isn’t anything fancy, but its cheap and works. It’s also a block from the strip, so that helps.

In other news, I found some unused y2cl strips that I inked up, finished the traditional art on but never scanned in for some reason. So expect those soon. They continue on some story lines I was working before I stopped the strip before. With them and the strips that guest artist Jon “Artsta” is working on, it should tie up all the loose ends from the pre-vol 5 y2cl.

Pretty exciting. There will be a few more guest artists on the strip and some guest writters doing up a few small story archs. Not that the strip is big or anything, I just have talented friends. Speaking of them, shortly we will have a series of strips digi-painted by the ever talented Tim Vaal that I will pencil and ink.


current word wount: 21,779

So I havn’t said a word about the Memoirs Project in a while have I? Well I finished “Chapter 20: This Spinning Movie” and the next Chapter is called “The Book” which I have, up to this point, failed to start. I am planning on going back through the first 20 chapters before I start chapter 21 and expanding on alot of elements and ideas. There are several chapters that are just 800 or less in word count and seem to be to short. Now that I have the basis of the story down I feel that I am capable of expanding and laying the foundation better for the later part of the story.

Of course, anyone who has read an incarnation of this story up to now and re-reads it will be treated (or horrified) to thousands of new words and countless new ideas. If I can do this right, once I finishing adding to the first 20 chapters to expand them to a reasonable length and place more groundwork for the story and ending, it should jump my word count to well over 30,000.

You might ask why I am so cought up on the word count. Well I will tell you. I set my goals in word counts for this story. And no, I don’t jsut go for a number of words damn the story, The words I put in have to benifit the story and not be filler. But the word count is just my level of achievment for myself and how I prove to everyone and myself that I am acomplishing something.

Maybe I will work on it now….


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