10/11/2007 – Oily Lesbian Rub Down

OK ok, I think it’s time for a post where I just talk about some things….not relating to my personal life and/or work life.

Here we go…..


Radiohead’s new album is FREE to download

That’s right, they are GIVING AWAY In Rainbows for those that want it. You can donate money to them for the record or you can purchas the disc box with some fancy stuff for £40.

As NinjaguyDan said, and I qutoe him here:

The way I see it happening from now on-a musician will set up a website, distribute their music for free and make all the money on merchandising and touring. Although the day of the millionaire douchebag rockstar may be numbered, the people who are in it for the art will stay in it. All the middle men (and ladies) will be cut out and their will be no such thing as a “record company” as we know it 10-20 years from today.I downloaded it, but havn’t listened to it yet. I will tonight and report back.

Thank you to Dylan for pointing me to this


So right now my wife is getting a rub down from her friend Heather and I am typing this up on Heather’s noisy slow ass computer. Thank for for the 4gb flash drive I have.

Don’t think this is some creepy lesbo sex thing, Heather is a messager person and Kaylie’s back is hurting. You fucking sick-o.

You should all go take a look at jhorsley3.com. I’ve started an overhaul of it. Many things a-changing on this.