10 years Married!

Holy shit. 

Yeah, that’s how I’m going to start this. 


Cause I’m in shock of what today is. 

10 years married!

Yeah you read that right. 10 years ago today I signed away my soul..I mean joined my soul with the most amazing woman I have ever met in my entire life. Kaylie. 

I know each year I’ve written up my thoughts on our wedding, or posted pictures from our past, or even last year when I found and put up the video of our fist dance. 

This year I want to do something a little different. Instead of talking about the past, I want to talk about what I see in our future. 

Where to I see us as a family in 5 years?

Kodi will be in college, probably majoring in something with engineering. He will probably still be living with us and commuting to whatever college he is going to at the time. 

Jakob will be almost 16 and begging us for a car, saying “but Kodi got a car at 16!!” He will also probably be a master at whatever video game is out at the time, since he already is now. 

Saidey will be almost 14! Man, full on teenage girl angst. I love my Saidey, but I’m pretty sure she will be a mood swing teenager. She will be doing well in school but have some issues managing that with her social life that she just HAS to have! I’m pretty sure we will also be going to lot’s of plays she will be in, or talent shows. This girl will NOT be kept from the stage!

Tegan will be…oh man…she will be 11! I am assuming by this point she will be heavy into gymnastics (if we ever sign her up!). She will be doing handstands and backflips all day long, like she tried to do now. In school she will probably be at the top of her class, cause damn that girl knows her shit. 

Jack will be a big boy at 8 years old! He will be in school! He will hopefully be sleeping in his own bed and not with us still, cause that would be a little much for me! (full disclosure, he only sleeps with us at 3 years old because of our current living situation while our house is being built). He will probably be in little league or karate. 

Kaylie, what do I think Kaylie will be doing in 5 years? Honestly, this puts her 2 years at home with all the kids in school so I think she will either be done with or close to done with her bachelors degree and getting ready to start on her masters. She will be a forever student if she can be, and that’s awesome! 

What will I be doing in 5 years? My plan is to still be at Avalara and move up on the engineering team. On the side I hope that I have some success with my art and can work part time outside of Avalara doing illustrations and cover work. In a perfect world. 

I also hope that by this time we either have managed to or are in the process of taking the whole family (not including anyone the kids are dating, sorry guys) to Disneyland! I know Kodi will be 19 at this point, but I think he will still enjoy it. 

It’s going to be a fun time going forward. It’s been fun the last 10 years. 

I look forward to seeing her everyday still, and that says something. I think we did it right and I found the right person to marry. 

No excuse me while I post this, then take my amazingly beautiful wife out on the Las Vegas strip to have some fun. 

Peace out bitches. 


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