09/25/07 – Movie Tuesday 2

Today is Tuesday Movie Review Day!

Knocked-Up is out on DVD today and all you fucker‘s need to go buy it. Not because I think Mr. Apatow needs money, I’m sure him and his crew have made tons. I say you should go buy it so the studios will help fund MORE wonderful Apatow films such as this one!

So many great and funny things happen in this movie. I know I’ve talked about it before, but I am more excited to see the unrated version of this then I think I am about having y2cl up and running again.

Superbad is not an Apatow film, but was produced by him and stars everyone from his crew. This wonderful piece of filmastic funnyness was writted by Cal…I mean Seth Rogan, you know the main character from Knocked-Up. He also played Cal in The 40 Year Old Virgin (which I stand firm was the best character in that film)

There are so many funny ass scenes in this movie I don’t know here to begin. Fuckin’ McLovin is the best nervious nerdy character ever. Just go see it, d/l it or whatever you have to do but just fucking see it. It has more naughty language in it then…well then your grandma.

So I watched “Just my Luck” again last night with my lovely wife. To say I watched it with her is a bit of a stretch…seeing as she fell asleepabout tweny minutes into it, but never-the-less she was laying in bed with me as I watched it.

You know, even though she is a coked out whore, I tend like all the movies she did pre-Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, I don’t care for that one to much. It’s to bad shes a fucking looney toon now. Hew and DMX should hang out, I’m sure he could show her a real good time.

You know what I’m waiting for her to do? After all this drugs and partying thing is over? For her big comback movie in like 5 years when she tries to reinvent her self in an adult psycho-drama. One in which she attempts to stretch her acting wings and branch out from the formula that she has so far milked the tit dry of. In said film she will have an erotic dance/sex scene in which she bares all while not getting in and out of a car.

That or she will just say fuck it and do a Paris Hilton style porn to get famous again. Not that it would ignite her Acting carreer, but it would make alot of guys (hell, I’d watch it) very very happy to see her firecrotch being repeadidly stuffed with kindling.


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