yup, thats right, i did it 2

x jhorsley3 x: i have a story for you
x jhorsley3 x: last night i was really tierd
x jhorsley3 x: so i passed out fully clothed
x jhorsley3 x: socks and everything
x jhorsley3 x: this mornign i woke up, and went through the day, still dressed from yesterday
x jhorsley3 x: and i wore them all day, until about 30 minutes ago
Garmichael1: hahah
x jhorsley3 x: when i showered
Garmichael1: hah i hate that, cuz i feel yucky all day
x jhorsley3 x: yes i did
Garmichael1: But who cares
Garmichael1: haha
x jhorsley3 x: but it felt really fuckin good not to have to get dressed
Garmichael1: its a struggle between feeling good, and being lazy
x jhorsley3 x: to have one less thing to do in the morning
x jhorsley3 x: i didnt have to search for socks!
Garmichael1: hahah

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