you all have to read this 9

background, this girl thinks im ugly. here is her picture

read the conversation i just had with her below, funny shit.

jacmac202000: hi
avgs01: hi
jacmac202000: how are you?

avgs01: good
jacmac202000: thats good

avgs01: yup
jacmac202000: i am still not feeling well
avgs01: thats no good
jacmac202000: yeah i have been sick for like two weeks
jacmac202000: and now i have a wowanly prob
avgs01: thats not good at all
jacmac202000: is is normal to be constipated and have blood coming out of yout butt?
avgs01: yeah
avgs01: totaly
avgs01: happens to me all the time
jacmac202000: but my butt hurts and i am bleeding?
avgs01: yeah, its normal
avgs01: happens all the time
jacmac202000: ok so what do i do, wear pads?
avgs01: yeah, get some depends
jacmac202000: depends on what?
avgs01: depends, adult diapers
jacmac202000: i am not going to wear a diaper
avgs01: well, better then pads
jacmac202000: i would rather wear pads
avgs01: yeah, but changing them would be a pain
jacmac202000: no its not
jacmac202000: you just wear a pad and chabge in a couple hours
jacmac202000: are you therre?
avgs01: ahhok
jacmac202000: so what are you doing?

avgs01: writing a paper
jacmac202000: oh
jacmac202000: about what?
avgs01: dress
jacmac202000: you are writing a paper about a dress?
avgs01: no, about dressing, appearence, reading appearence
jacmac202000: oh ok
avgs01: yeah
jacmac202000: what class is it for?
avgs01: english 101
jacmac202000: oh
jacmac202000: well gots to go
i do not feel good
avgs01: ok
avgs01: bye bye
jacmac202000: bye

ok bye bye

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