yesterday 12

well, went to guitar center with jeff and chris to try and get a drum set, all threee of us got turned down for thier credit thing, so that plan was shot. had fun playing on the electric kit there, kool sounds.

after that went to chris’s house and practiced(with no drum kit), got the cop called on us. so chris and i walked around to all the houses to see who it was, asking if it bothered anyone and so one. no one seemed to care except this one old man who said we where practicing till 1am one night and every night last week…last night was the first time we had practiced at chris’s house, and he denied calling the cops, but it was him.

next we went to get food. went and got my brilliant friend calvin. found out hes gotten another DUI, i guess he didnt learn the first time.

we went to dennys in bremerton to eat. before we got our food, these 4 girls and one guy walked in and before they saw us(me, jeff, chris and calvin) one says ” oh i wonder if any of them are cute” as she walked by then looked and said “oh yeah!” then she kept staring and me and chris all night.

on our way out, this girl was waving at us so chris and i where waving back, then she attempted to flash us, from inside dennys. saw a nipple. apparently she wanted chris and me to flash her back.

went to 7-11 so calvin could buy alcohol(i told you, he doesnt learn) and chris and i walked back to dennys to talk to these girls. here is a run down of the conversation:

chris: first, whats your name and how old are you?
girl: my name is katie, and im 17
chris and me: ouch, thats no good
katie: sure it is
katies fat ugly friend: shes jail bait:
katie: how old are you two?
chris and me: to old
me: ancient
katie: yeah right, you looke like 22
chris: 21
me: 21
katie: i was just out witha 21 year old last week
me: and now hes in jail
chris: why is this kid sitting over here away from you?
me: what, is he the fat looser kid
katie: well, we dont really like him
me: me i knew it
fat ugly girl: you can sit down
me: naw, thats ok
chris: our friend will be here soon to pick us up
katie: so can i fuck you two or what?
chris: here?
me: now?
katie: sure, why not?
me: sure, (looking at fat ugly girls) scram
chris: rock out with your cock out

next came the hard core three way on the dennys table

ok, so the ending of that story might be a bit of a lie

jeff and calvin showed up and we left, went to chris’s house grabbed the acustic, took the alcohol and we went on the roof and partied till about 12:30 then jeff and i went home.

the girl at dennys was sorta cute, but only 17. maybe ill go to dennys tonight…

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