yay! 13

trista called me at 2:20am, i had only layed down at 2am so it was ok. well it would be ok anyways, cause she can call whenever she wants. we talked for a while, little over an hour i think, it was fun. always a pleasure to talk with her. as the song says ‘as long as its talking with you, talk of the weather will do’ which is more then true in the case of trista.

in other news, i started drawing today, and i havnt played COH at all. ok so i logged in for a minute to see if anyone was online. basicaly the only reason why im not on is cause my wrists have been hurting again (they hurt and burn as i type this, but i figured you all wanted an update so bad so i will suffer)that and i wasnt feeling good today at all.

on a good note, i got y2cl 76 lettered, 77 i need to letter, 78 i finished the art for, just need to take some screen shots for it, and im almost done penciling 79, which is another Fun With Joe strip.

ok back to drawing, i would play COH and suffer through the pain, but i am D/L the test server

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