yargh, im a pirate 5

i have so much i want to say here. none of it really matters thoguh, but i just want to say it. i dont have time to say it, so i will save it, sorry to get your hopes up, not like anyone actualy reads this journal anyways. trista called me this morning at 5:30am our time distressed. i wont go into details about why, but it was pretty horrid. she said that she felt that i was the only person she could call. that made me feel incredibly good, not that something horrid happened, but that she felt comfortable calling me in her time of need, and wanted to talk to me. i really think im falling for this girl. i think i have been for a long time. also, i think im completely comfortable with that. i told her to take the day off work, but she said she couldnt afford it. i offered to send her money so she could stay home, but she said it wouldnt be fair to her co workers on a saturday and she didnt like taking money from people. i really wish i could help her out in some way……. i have more i want to say, but im to tired as i didnt sleep last night at all
good night

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