y2cl – looking back, part three 1

Sept 21, 2007 marked The Return of y2cl, much to the disdain of my then future wife. I love Kaylie to death, I really do, however she does not love my comic. I’m ok with that. She tolerates it, sometimes comments and supports me on it no matter what. I used to get a lot of shit from her for working on the comic, but since I found ways to work on it without her knowing it has gotten a lot better. Not so much as I hide it from her, but if she is asleep of not at home then she can’t see that I’m working on it. She seems to think my time could better be suited doing something more constructive, like paying attention to my children or some crap like that.

I didn’t really get serious about y2cl again, or maybe for the first time, until 2008 came rolling around. I had this little story idea that I had essentially started working on back in 2005 to come after the Crisis,Search of Garmy Pants series what would involve a take over of my world by zombies. When I was doing CrisisSearch of Garmy Pants I had a story that was building up and had been building up for quite awhile that was all leading into this thing with the zombies.

Going into the zombie series I knew that I didn’t want to do it alone. I had this GIANT story I was working with and I knew there was no way I could cover the whole thing on my own. So I did what any good prostitute does and put an ad of craiglist. Luckily for me Mr. Jon Anderson was kind enough to answer. Maybe he miss read the ad and thought I was looking for nookie, or maybe he really just wanted to draw zombies. I think he mentions all this in his write up on y2cl#1000, but honestly I didn’t read it. It was to long. (that’s a lie, I read every juicy homosexual word).

With Jon Anderson on board we set a launch date for the zombies to June 11th, a day that also coincided with the release of the very first y2cl book (click to buy, also available on Amazon). This marked an important day, it not only marked the release of the book, the start of the zombie story line but also marked the 300th comic in the y2cl series. At this point The comic itself was 4 1/2 years old (Nov. 1 2003 to June 11 2008) and had managed to post 300 comics. Roughtly 66 comics per year, around 5-6 comics per month and about a 1/10 of a comic per day. Not a very good update schedule.

Going back a little bit, On January 3rd, 2008 I posted ‘Dylan Doesn’t Play Except With Himself’ which marked the first in my challenge to myself to never miss an update. So far I have managed that. At that time I updated thrice weekly and I never missed from that day forward. Adding Jon Anderson made it a lot easier to never miss, but that’s what having a partner in crime does.

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