y2cl – Looking Back on 1000, part one 1

I have a couple of amazing, and awesome, things to make note of that I feel I should do in my official blog, which is this one.

First and foremost is the fact that y2cl has reached ONE THOUSAND COMICS! See that little image to the left there? yeah, that’s a preview of it. Go on, CLICK IT. Then after you do, click the ‘buy now’ link and you can hang this awesome piece of awesome on your wall in a classy signed 11×17 poster!

Seriously, you should all click the image and go leave a comment if nothing else. Buying the poster will help support the site. I plan to donate all proceeds of the poster to charity. The charity that is the upkeep of the site. So not really a charity at all, but maybe that will help you feel better for spending the $5 on poster. Remember, you buy it and it tells all your friends who see it on your wall how awesome you are.

I didn’t get a chance to write up on the actual 1000 post (seen here) about it to much, only a LONG update from Jon and some states for the last 6 1/2 years.

It has defiantly been a long and windy road to get to this point. When I started back on ‘Intorduction’ I never thought I would still be doing this to hit 1,000 comics. Christ, I thought when I hit 100 it was a HUGE milestone and topping that would be slim.

I had goals back then for the comic, very simple ones. Update, make myself laugh and hopefully make the friends I had that where in the comic laugh as well. Screw everyone else, that’s all I cared about. In the early days, pre y2cl#53: Nick? NICK?!, my good buddy Jon G. (or Artsta) came on as my webmaster and handled all my updates and the look and feel of the site. I beleive it was hosted on avgs.8m.com, not sure. I talk about this alot in the first y2cl book, and I’m WAY to lazy to go get the book and see what I wrote so we will assume this is correct. Artsta also was the very first person to contribute a guest comic, Die (only 14 strips in). He also later on did several other guest comics for me when I needed a little break.

I do believe I was the very first person in web-comics to do a Live Action Strip where the people in the strip where the ACTUAL people the characters where based on. I know there are tons of photocomics out there these days, but I’m pretty sure I was the first in this regards. Typically though I used the ‘photosessions’ as a reason to drink heavily and play Halo. Wether I was or I wasn’t Live Action Strips are incredibly fun to do and I hope to do more of them. I had planned on doing some for the Zombie 2 Christ storyline, but I failed to ever get any set up.

After y2cl#53: Nick? NICK?! my good buddy Garret re-programmed my site into PHP to allow for easier updating and management. I kept it that way up until when I migrated everything over to ComicPress with WordPress, but I’m getting a head of myself here.

To be continued…

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