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From comic y2cl#53: Nick? NICK?! on I had this awesome idea that Nick would have his own little sub-story line about being in the Air Force. I think I only did the one strip, got bored and several months later brought him back on leave.

One of the biggest things that set y2cl apart form other comics was the basic format and structure. I always had several different ‘types’ of comics that would run from time to time. I’ve heard from people that this is a huge downfall for the comic, but I think it helps break up the manoteny and allow you to just enjoy some jokes from time to time. I started up some diaries for Dylan and JN (diaries that WILL make their return in y3cl). I did live action, guest writers, several guest artists, introduced amazing new characters, and took a trip to Vector World.

Another thing that I think set’s y2cl apart form other comics is the constantly trying out new styles and new ways of making a comic. From using clay, photos, animated gifs, to simple hand written notes. If I could think of it, I tried to do it. I always had plans of a fully painted strip but that never took off. Someday maybe.

For the longest time, say pre #100, I spent a lot of time drawing strips with a basic idea of what I going to make the comic about but mostly just drew pictures and then wrote over them. Some would say this is a stupid way to make a comic, I say it was a way for me to pass the time in class, at home, when my sister was trying to talk to me and I wanted to ignore her. I didn’t really plan anything out at this point. I take that back, I DID plan out some of the Larry stuff in the forest and really, from that comic right there on y2cl sort of had a story. The guys where regular guys doing regular guy stuff and Larry and his friends tried to muck it all up. Character would die, characters would envolve, characters would get caught in bed naked with a used condom. It all somehow lead to a story that was together, in it’s own round about way. And it all lead up to Zombie 2 Christ.

By the time I got up to 188 I had all but given up on updating on any sort of schedule. At this point in my life I had just started working at Bremerton Lanes on the graveyard shift and spent most of my time talking with ‘real people’ and blogging. I did some drawing and some strips there, but not much. This was back in late 2005. By April of 2006 I had all but given up on the comic. I posted 193 which was my tribute to my Grandfather after he passed away and pretty much didn’t touch it for a long long time.

y2cl was dead for 17 months.

And when I say dead, I mean d-e-a-d dead. The website, which at the time was still hosted as a portal off of jhorsley3.com, just gave errors. It was all php and I had no idea how to fix it. For my life at the time this was fine. I did not mind. I had gotten back into music, recorded some new songs with Jeff, Calvin and Rick. I was working full time, I met my future wife and future kids. Got married, was told I was infertile and then managed to knock my wife up in a hospital bathroom. For the record and contrary to popular belief, standing up DOES work for pregnancy.

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