y2cl contest!

what’s that? A CONTEST YOU SAY? why yes, it IS a fan art contest!

submit your greatest fan art for y2cl, featuring any y2cl character doing well anything!

The winner will be picked by a panel of judges of un-named comic profesionals (to be named upon the picking of the winner!)

This contests runs for the entire month of September and closes Sept. 30, the winner will be announced on October First!

What do you get if you win?

Well you get this…(The book, not me)

You ALSO get a VERY stylish and HIGHLY wanted and EXTREAMLY RARE y2cl/z2c 1 inch button!

Isn’t that an awesome deal? Shouldn’t I stop with the prizes there and call it good? well hecks no I wont! There’s more! The winner will also receive a one of a kind y2cl Temporary tattoo! (no photo as it is a surprise, but winner is required to send in a picture of them with the tattoo on)

Thats THREE prizes for winning this silly contest! Holy Cow!

Just so you don’t think I’m a hater, the SECOND place entry will receive a hand drawn y2cl official sketch card! And a button!

That’s right, first AND second place prizes are awarded!

So what are you waiting for! Get to the submitting! email your entires to contest@y2clcomic.com!