X-Men First Class: De-constructing The Cuban Missile Crisis

So last night my cousin Joel and his wife invited me and Kaylie out for some drinks and to go see a movie. We spent the first couple of hours enjoying some drinks and playing pool, to which I might ad I played exceedingly well and made a lot of pro status shots.

We caught the 9:40pm showing and the theater was pretty much ours with the exception of a few smatterings of other people. I love it when I go to movies like this. Makes me happy. Well, makes me happy that it’s a quiet theater, but I want these movies to make more money so they make more so I can watch more.

I will be honest, I was EXTREMELY leery of this movie going in. When i first heard about it I was upset.

“why the FUCK are they making a prequal to the X-Men series called FIRST CLASS and NOT making it the ACTUAL First Class of the X-Men? Granted doing that would be IMPOSSIBLE within continuity since various characters from the O.G. team have shown up in the trilogy. I fought this movie, vocally to everyone. Claiming it was pointless and a waste of time.

Fast forward to actually seeing some of the trailers. Ok, it looks interesting. I see how they are handling this. I still don’t understand some of their plot points at this time of viewing the trailers, but I’ll be ok with it and I will still see it in theaters.

Move on to the night I went to see it. I was excited by this point and I wasn’t sure why. The trailers look good, but I HATED this idea for a movie so much early on that by the night I Went to see it I was actually rooting for it to be good.

Well, I have to say that I REALLY enjoyed it, for what it was. I thought the actors did great, the story was good and Emma Frost is fucking hot.

I think they un-lube humped some continuity parts of the X-Men film franchise. I shall touch on them now.

Scott Summers = Cyclops. He was in the first three based in modern times. We can guess his age to be mid twenties.

Alex Summers = Havok. He is in this movie with an age around late teenager.

Last time I checked Havok was Cyclops LITTLE BROTHER…So unless Cyclops just looks REALLY good for his age (Which would have been in his 60’s or 70’s in the trilogy) this is a HUGE retcon. Maybe Alex is Scotts daddy now.

Sebastian Shaw was different from the comics. I can accept this because Kevin Bacon is the fucking man.

So if Beast had a cameo in human form in X2, then full beast in X3 but then as a teenager/young adult in human and then in beast form in First Class…wait..what?

Emma Frost was in Wolverine as a younger girl along side Cyclops yet a mid twenties hotty in first class.

There are a ton more, but so I don’t seem to fan-boyish and really show my geek, I will stop here and let you make your own conclusions beyond what I have said here.

It is important to let you know that I did enjoy this movie, a lot. I would recommend it. I do not think it was better than Green Lantern, or Thor, but I think is was a great movie worth watching. Way better than I ever could of imagined when I first heard about it. So much better I hope they make a sequel.

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