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Why is it that so much anime these days just shit? I know I’ve said it before, but god damn. So I wore my Thundercats t-shirt yesterday and Barbara was telling me that Jacob the cook wanted it. Then she told me that she didn’t know what The Thundercats where. YES! I’m not lying! Someone who DOESN’T know who the Thunder…Thunder..THUNDERCATS!!!! are!! This astounds me. I also found out that she doesn’t know nothing about He-Man or Transformers. Also she was being really annoying and trying to read this over my shoulder…fuck off.


Something strange is happening to me today. I have an interview over at Town and Country Market in Bainbridge Island and I haven’t turned in an application. That’s how fucking cool I am. If I get hired I will be making at least a dollar more an hour then I make here plus time and a half on Sundays, extra pay after 9pm double time and a half on holidays. I wouldn’t necessarily quit the bowling alley, I would just work both jobs and kill myself for awhile then pick one January or February, probably stick with Town and Country since I can make a lot more money there. I’ve been playing around with the numbers and I have the possibility to make what I make here plus half and up to double there, so yeah.



I think one of the security officers here was totally coming on to me tonight. She asked how old I was, if I was married, if I had kids, my names, told me she thought I looked 18, and when I took off my hat she proclaimed “oh you’re a cute one!” or she might have said “oh you’re the cute one!” Each statement has a slightly different meaning. The first means she alone finds me cute, the second means there been talk about and my alleged cuteness. I like to believe she said the second one. That’s all I will say about that situation.



I’m falling asleep here at work, I don’t know how I’m going to stay awake for my interview at Town and Country. I will probably wake up a little right before I get off work and go get some espresso. Seriously, my eyes are closing as I’m typing this.


your friends and christ.

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