What’s this?

I’ve been playing with the site recently, adding a bunch of new little nifty features. Some of the sidebars are now collapsible (if it has a title click it).

I’ve also added a random comic link in each post, as well as digg, reddit, facebook, myspace, email, print and other fun quick buttons on each post. You are also able to see what posted this day in other years. A neat little feature to help show off older posts.

On the left sidebar at the bottom there is now a ‘my comments’ section, which displays comments I have left on other sites, so you can see what I’m talking about elsewhere. There is also an automatic blog posting at the end of each week to summarize what web-sites and other comics I like to comment on.

Below that is a ‘featured comics’ section which shoes you 4 featured comics selected by some fancy dancy scripting. (no idea how it works, but it’s cool)

Also, each morning at 1am a blog goes up with my twitter tweets for the previous day. A nifty little add on. My new comics are also auto posted to twitter, which is nice and saves me the hassle of manually doing it!

I’ve been doing a lot of back end stuff to make the site run better, so hopefully there are little slow downs. I’m really trying to make sure the site stays table and doesn’t blow up on me.

With all that said, if you see anything broken, or some new addition you hate/love let me know!

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