What takes 9 years for me to do that most do in 2? 3

No I’m not talking about falling in love. Or writing a book (though I do have a near complete novel I started writing about 8 years ago, but I digress (before I out parenthesis I would like to say that people that say I digress should digress themselves in to a coma)). But NO! That is NOT what I am talking about Willils! (R.I.P. Gary Coleman).

I’m talking about college. That’s right everyone, yours truly is now a college educated man! And I still make as many typos as a girl in Junior High that’s just discovered Live Journal. But again, I digress.

The point I wanted to make here is that after 9 years since I first started going to college I finally have a piece of paper to show for it. I feel the overwhelming need to clarify that the 9 years it took me was not be going every quarter for 9 years, failing a ton of stuff then having to re-take it. NO! This was because back in 2004 or 2005 when I stopped going to Olympic College, unbeknownst to me I only needed 3 classes to graduate. I stopped going because ‘life’ was going and it got in the way.

I finished those last three classes in Winter and Spring quarter of this year. Honestly it wasn’t because I had the initiative to go back and do it, it’s because of my wife. She encouraged me and got me to go back, and I couldn’t be happier that I did. I feels good to finally be done.

Now I want to tell all you people out there that need to start/continue/finish their degree some tips and tricks I used to get through and pass with a decent GPA. These tips will be the most valuable thing I have possibly ever posted on this blog.


I did nothing special. Nor did I actually ever worry about a class, an assignment. Nor did I ever actually try to pass a class with a decent grade. I did everything half assed, I never studied for a test for more then 10 minutes right before a test and I never started work on a paper that was due. This was not because I was/am lazy about things. It’s because I’ve always felt I had better things to do, even though I was there because I wanted to. It’s odd. I love being in school and I love to learn. When it comes to homework, tests and projects, I tend to do them all at the last minute.

Let me give you an example. My final class I needed to graduate was a lab science, so I took Biology 160 with Dr Smith at OC. Dr Smith is an amazing teacher and made the subject entertaining and fun. It really was a joy to be in his class. Unfortunately I was just there to pass and nothing else. I honestly did not give a shit what grade I got in this class, as long as it was a passing grade. My life is to hectic to try and ace a biology class right now.

Let me tell you about my example of the above now. We had a term project, that we were informed about on day one of the class, that was either a 10 page paper, a poster with a 6 page paper or a model with a 4 page paper. My original plan was to do the poster and a 6 page paper since I was also enrolled in an Illustrator class and I would just use that poster as my final project for the class and BAM! Double usage of the same project.

This plan however, failed.

The day the project was due I had yet to even START it. I didn’t even have a TOPIC. I left work a couple hours early to go home and study, since it was due the same night as our third test. When I got home I realized that the project was due that day and NOT the following Monday like I had thought. “Well fuck me sideways” I thought to myself. I didn’t have a topic! I looked at my study sheet, took the first question and said “I’ll write about this!” It was chordates. Apparently it’s a class of creature that includes everything form hagfish to humans.

I spent the next 2 hours writing on chordates. At the two hour mark I gave up, finished what I had to make it a complete thought, gathered my sources and left to take a test, that I had not studied for AT ALL.

On my drive to class I read through the study guide a little while driving. Got to class, took the 50 question test in 7 minutes, waited then gave my presentation on Chrodates and went home.

The following Monday we got our project and test grades. 92% on the test and 74% on the project.

I passed the class with a B.

This is how my entire college life went.

This is why I feel a little remit about the degree, since I don’t really feel like I have done anything special to get it. But whatever, I have it. And you don’t (unless you do, then congrats).

Now I am off to try and attend a 4 year university to get my bachelors degree. I don’t think this method of learning will work there.

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