What a shitty weekend.

Time for a rant, so if you don’t want to read me ranting right now is the time the leave this website and find something better. Might I suggest heading over the ChannelAte and reading some of the fine comics there?

Wanting to stick around?

Good, let’s start with Saturday.

I woke up early Saturday to get up with Jack at 6am, let Kaylie sleep in cause she needs to. Saidey got up and the three of up cuddled and watched “HOME” for the millionth time. Well, around 9am everyone else got up and it was instant fire fight mode. One kid couldn’t stop arguing about literally everything being said. Another didn’t want to get their own breakfast, and another (Jack) was just wanting to make high pitched noises and run in circles.

Around 10am I was all agro about this, getting increasingly upset so I had the bigger boys start doing their chores. Take out the trash, the recycling and clean the kitchen.

They come back in “Dad! The Garage door wont shut!”

“Well, Jakob, you’re going to have to look and see if something is blocking it”

“There’s not! I looked!” said Jakob

“You’re going to have to look again” I told him.

*SLAM!!!**SLAM!!!* (I’m resisting an Onyx reference here really hard)

Jake comes back in “DAD! IT WON’T CLOSE!”

“Ok, fine. I’ll go out there and help you look, but you can’t just slam it down, this is how garage doors break” I tell him.

“Ok! Let’s go!” Jake says.

I walk outside, with Jake in front of me and Kodi behind me, silent.

We look for a few minutes and I try to close the door slowly. I notice about half way down it’s stopping. I look over the the far left and there is a 2.4 propped upright blocking it.

“Boys, look. There’s a 2×4 blocking the door! This is why it wont close! You need to LOOK and see why it’s not closing”

“Ok! Sorry Dad!” they say and both run in side while I close the door. Only it wont close all the way. I notice on the far right that the tension wire is loose and has come unraveled completely. I spend about 15 minutes in the rain undoing the tension wire and take it completely off thinking to myself that I will get it off, close the door then put it back on so it can ravel up the right way on the spool.

Oh but that’s when the real problem showed itself.

The constant slamming of the door down on the 2×4 (and other things over the years) has now caused the garage door frame to shift and bend about 6 inches to the right.

So I spent my entire Saturday cleaning out my garage so I could call and get the garage door people over to fix the door.

As if that WASN’T enough for Saturday, Kaylie and I got to be up all night with Jakob because he got sick and couldn’t stop vomiting. So this made for a very tired Kaylie and John on Sunday. To tired to sleep and too tired to do anything else.

So on  to Sunday. Sunday was pretty much just a wasted day. It was spent Napping, getting upset, being to tired to really be upset, corralling kids, and binge watching SVU. And dammit SVU, why you gotta get me in the feels?


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