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Okay so maybe that title is a little mis-leading but I like word plays. Okay, FINE, maybe it’s not a very good word play but if you are reading this much it at least worked a little. SHEESH FINE it sucked, but I’m not changing it and you can not make me.

This is what happens when you invert a TSA Body Scan

This is what happens when you invert a TSA Body Scan

I have been pretty anti-TSA every since the nude photo booth and rape games started back around Thanksgivings last year. I have refused to fly (I say that because I have not flown any where, and it makes me sounds more badass rebel if I say I’ve refused to fly not that I haven’t had the money or a good place to go) and have no plans to be flying any time in the future.

That all being said I have read story after story how how violated people feel after having their junk grabbed and man-handled at the airport, and it is getting a little out of hand. It’s pretty sick that the American people (and any non-American’s in the country flying) should be subject to this.

And now it has effected a person that I hold mucho respect for, Mr. Wil Wheaton. I may not be as big of a self proclaimed Geek as he is (I do not play D&D, but do understand it’s appeal) but I do enjoy his Radio Free Burrito podcast and I read his blog occasionally (not every post, but I do skim every post). I think this man is a great person (from what I have read) and a class act on how he approaches his career, his writing and his fans. I have seen him at Emerald City Comic Con, spoken to him in the halls of the con for a few moments and almost asked him to coffee to talk ‘stuff’, but didn’t because I’m a big pussy. Not literally a big one, but figuratively.

In a recent Blog post he writes about how the TSA violated him and honestly it was

As he said in his blog, I will copy paste it here because I think it’s valid, important and needs to be shared.

Nobody should have to choose between a virtually-nude body scan or an aggressive, invasive patdown where a stranger puts his or her hands inside your pants and makes any contact at all with your genitals or breasts as a condition of flying.

I wont go much more into this, but I will just say that this shit needs to stop and I hope by the time I fly again I’m not anally raped to ensure theres not coke/bombs in my ass.

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