Wanderings of the mind

So as Josh said this recent election was either the greatest moment in your life, or you are a stupid hillbilly who voted for the same ol’ white man as all the other stupid hillbillies and you fuck you sister.

Was that a bit harsh? I think it might have been, let me rephrase that.

If you didn’t vote Obama, then  you like to fuck yo’ momma.

Dammit, harsh again…I can do this I swear I can…

If you didn’t vote black then you smockin’ crack! (shouldn’t that be the other way around?)

In all seriousness Senator McCain is a great man, a great politician and would have been a great president. Gov. Palin on the other hand doesn’t know that Africa is a continent, and that my friend is reason enough to not vote for them.

The republican party has a lot of fixing to do. They are out of touch with the times and run our country into a whole. As many foreign nations have said since the election of Obama “Welcome back to the world America!” The whole world was pulling for Obama and this victory, as he said, is a victory for everyone. Republican of Democrat, Independent or whatever you are be proud to voted in a non-white American to office. Prove to the world that America is better then it used to be, we are progressive to the needs of our peoples. And god dammit we have some soul, now let’s have a dance off!

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