Walk The Line – a small review 1

Walk The Line~9.5 out of 10

Being a GIANT fan of Johnny Cash I was very happy with this movie. Also knowing that he had a part in the making of this film before he died (approving Joaquin and Reese for their respective parts) and they based it on parts of his book makes me feel less like it’s Hollywood trying to cash in (no pun intended) on the death and life of a legend and more like someone generally wanting to tell a piece of the story that is one of the greatest legends of music, not just country music, of all time.

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One thought on “Walk The Line – a small review

  • Susu

    I don’t know about “Mangold the Auteur”, and might need a bit more proof that this is really a director worth paying attention to, but this is a pretty watchable film. I found the story and film-making a bit predictable, like the usual bio-pic formula that you might expect if you’ve seen, say, coal miner’s daughter, or any other bio-pic of someone you love. What makes this movie stand out is the two lead performances. Reese is unbelievably convincing as June Carter Cash. She almost disappears into the role. And her singing! Who knew???

    And Joaquin! We’ve been waiting for him to deliver a really spectacular performance for some time, and this is finally it. I, for one, resisted the idea that ANYONE could portray the man in black, but he does a pretty fine job. Not just an impersonation, but actually a performance worth watching. Really fine.

    Watch for the Jackson duet. Really awesome.