uptight sister 8

out on our adventures yesterday, we picked up 25 playboys for $5, they are from like 97-99 year wise. well, she got mad at me today cause i was showing her son the covers of them. JUST THE COVERS!!!! no titties or anything, i wouldnt go that far….yet….

but the covers? grr, cant a boy enjoy it? i wish some one would have shown me playboys when i was five, but instead i had to find my dads when i was like 10, and constantly put them back, hoping he would never notice after i was ‘finished’ with them.

see ow much easier life could be if we all just let our children enjoy porno when they need it? 18+ people dont need porno, they can buy hookers, its the young kids that need to watch other people fuck, or look at some soft-core titties. we should lower the age to buy porno to something like 8, something reaonible. there is nothing wrong will a little nudity, and DVDA in a childs life.

EDIT (4/12/2011): As a father of 4 now I completely get, and have got for awhile now, why my sister got so upset.

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