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Once upon a time, in the far distant land of Germany, home of Heinekan, that hot chick from Euro Trip and Union of Heroes. The latter being quite possibly the greatest photo comic on the net, and what this post is about.

From the web-site Arne writes:

“Union of Heroes is a photocomic about superheroes – from Germany. Our photographed heroes experience their adventures in the Ruhr Area of a parallel earth.”

What I like about this comic is that it does chapters then interludes between the chapters. A sort of little light harted break where they post pin ups and guest strips. I had the honor of having a guest strip that I drew for Union of Heroes post on the most recent interlude last week. You can see it here. (Yes I gave it that special y2cl touch)

The thought that goes into making this comic astounds me. Scheduling all the actors, the photography then getting all the effects in place afterwords, it’s like he’s shooting a mini movie in still photographs. In fact, Arne talks a little to this respect when he was on TGT Webcomics back on May 2nd.

Why do I think you should head over there and check them out? Because the photos are amazing, the effects are fun and the writing is great. You can defiantly tell everyone involved is having a BLAST doing the comic, actors and all. And that is what it should always be about, having fun and creating something.

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