ungth 4

ashley just left, she came over after work. it was nice. kepa was here, well still is here (he is sleeping like a cute little baby)

i really enjoy hanging out with her again, the only problem is i feel myself falling for her again. i dont know if this is a good or a bad thing yet. i got the balls to ask her what her intentions where for calling me, well sort of, i asked it in a loopy loopy question, but i kind of got it out, and she basicaly said she thought it was bad that we wernt friends, because she like being friends with me. that is really cool, i love being friends with her, she such an amazing girl. hence why at one point in my life, everything i did evolved aroud her.

so if this is true, and she just wants to be friends, thats completely fine with me. the only othe person i have EVER thought was as cool as her is Trista, who i absolutely adore. i really wish there was a magic 8-ball to tell me what is going on, and what to expect. but i guess i will just have to sit back, and enjoy hanging out with her, and tell Trista that i did ask her that question, sort of, and then see where it goes you know.

i leave for san diego in 5 hours, and she just read the story i was working on, which she really liked, which in turn make sme want to finish it. so needless to say i am taking a print out of what i wrote, and going through it and will possibly write more while i am down there, and hopefully a few more chapters when i get home ina week. i tend to do this after each time someone reads it and tells me that i have to finish it. she was upset that the place i stopped at was right in the middle of a scene. i wil finish it. if you want to read it, let me know, its 30 pages, 12k words

im of to sleep, probabaly dream about the two girls that are stuck in my head, one a little more then the other right now, for obvious reasons. man it great to han gout with her.

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