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well, i sorted magic cards all day yesterday, then i went and played bingo, didnt win a god damn thing. then i went and dropped some things of at thea, my ex girlfriends, house. after that it was off to jeff’s house to play Medal of Honor on the PS2, damn that game is hard. Then i met up with jennifer in town, drove around a bit, then came back to my place were we went for a walk down my road, this is at like 12:30am, it was dark as fuck, and fuck is very dark. we were down at the end of the road and thereabouts for at least an hour, then on the way back up we heard this really strange noise coming from the darkness of the road infront of us. i still dont know what the fuck it was.

we got back up to my room were jenn decided she wanted to do my hair with berrette thingys, witch i didnt care, i was pretty. around 2:00am jenn went home, after practicaly falling asleep on the floor, and me.

good day all in all. i dont know what i will do today, we shall see. im working on three drawings right now. one is just stupid, one is very detailed, and the other is the ice climbers from SSBM fucking for Kepa. dont know whitch i am going to finish first.

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