tooth hurts like a baby with breast cancer 2

My fucking tooth hurts like a baby with breast cancer. Suffice to say it hurts a lot if you missed the general gist of my metaphor there. You see my wisdom teeth are coming in and I can not afford to get them taken out. For the most part they don’t bother me but for some reason tonight I am in searing pain and it is making it really hard to concentrate on anything. I wanted to get some drawing done tonight but I really doubt that I will be able to with these god damned teeth. Barbara gave me some Motrin shit for pain and it hasn’t kicked in yet. Apparently you are supposed to take this with food and since I don’t have any nor have any plans of buying any tonight, I doubt that will happen. I do have fudge though. I also am not sure how I could even eat when it hurts to open my mouth (insert gay joke here). It’s official, tonight is going to suck.

Yeah, I don’t think anyone is going to think I’m in a good mood or mistake me for a nice guy tonight. If I could I would go home right now. I snapped at Barbara over some shit and she’s probably mad at me, but whatever I don’t really fucking care. I’m sorry if I pissed her off, but fuck I’m in a world of hurt right now and I don’t feel like putting up with anyone’s bullshit. What’s shitty about my job is that if something like this does happen, where I get sick or I’m in so much pain that I would rather be ass fucked by a galipots turtle then stay here and deal with this shit there isn’t a god damned thing I can do except wait until 9am when my boss comes in. There is no back up for my shift. Well I take that back, I suppose I could call Kip in to cover the rest of the shift for me. Then again that won’t work either because Kip let Barbara borrow his truck so I’m still fucked. This reminds me of those slow nights back in Nam where us men had to keep each other warm at night and there where no sucky sucky girls around. It kept us warm, but it hurt for hours.

So I’m reading through this new story that I am supposed to illustrate for Legends Magazine and I have to say that it is by far better then the last one. I won’t say anything about it because I’m pretty sure I’m not allowed to, but I’m about half way through it and so far I’ve liked all of it. I do need to talk with the editor about it since it seems to change narrative half way through. I think I will finish reading it and see if it works out or if it’s a mistake. A roaming narrative is ok and can work, but it’s really hard to make it work. I also want to find out if he has a story editor or not and if not see if I can possibly apply to be one for him.

I just got home from the dentist. It’s amazing how I am actually in MORE pain now then I was before I went. Apparently I have some horrid wisdom tooth infection that made the person cleaning my teeth go “oh, wow. Hey you want to see something interesting?” to the other girl in the room. I was told I need to have these taken out as soon as possible, so probably like next week or something. They also gave me some prescriptions for the pain and to kill the infection. To top it all off I have like 10 million new cavities. What the fuck I say, I brush my teeth, I don’t eat super sugary things all the time! I go through child hood never brushing and eating candy and drinking soda like it’s the nectar of god and never get a cavity. But when I am an adult and take care of myself I get fucking cavities, infected shit. Kill me now.


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2 thoughts on “tooth hurts like a baby with breast cancer

  • devil_shat

    as stupid as it sounds, you might not be brushing your teeth the right way. they showed me some spots i always miss last time i was at the dentist. flossing would probably help your problem too. although i never floss, and never get cavities either.
    also, it stands to reason you get more cavaties now than when you were a child. they take time to develop, you know, your teeth decay over time. also, i dont think there’s flouride in the water in washington, suckers. there was in indiana so my teeth got the benefit of that until i was 12.

    • jhorsley3

      possibly, they tell me i do a good job of getting the hard to reach spots jsut that some people have different strands of mouth bacteria that are more agressive and whatever. flossing makes me bleed like first time period but i probably should.