tonight tonight

well, i re aranged my room, and it looks fantaboulus, the guys on queer eye would be proud. i have this little fear that somehow i would end up on queer eye for the straight guy, and they would come to my place and be like, oh, oh look at this! this is fantastic, we dont need to change anything here. as funny as that would be, that would mean that i a) have really good taste or B) have letent homosexuality or c) all of the above.

i still need a secratary, but no one wants to work for nothing an hour, damn this world, what happened to that days when you could have slaves, like in egypt, i want my pyramid damnit.

i havnt created shit with my wacom pad yet. ive used it, but havnt completed anything with it yet. i will, oh i will.

im also close to having anough money to buy my new computer. yippie for me. you should all donate to the ‘buy jn art supplies’ fund, its for a good cause./

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