Today’s thoughts from a crazy man.

So I’m not sure if anyone realizes this but on December 4th I launched a kids web-comic called ‘The Skit and Skat Show‘ with artist JP Manzanarez.  What’s funny about that comic is there are some people that told me I couldn’t do a kids comic, to which I hope to prove them wrong. JP is drawing this comic and I am crafting the elegance of the story.

I’m not saying it’s easy, cause it’s not. That comic is probably the most challenging comic I work on right now. I mean let us analyze it for a second.

y2cl – basic dick and fart jokes weaved into crazy stories, and Jon Anderson throws down to ease my load.

Furry Animal Magic – how hard is it to make a cute animal do something gross? Honestly? besides Mike handles ALOT of the comics, I run the site and give him ideas.

Inanimate – I can bust out 15 of these in about an hour. Just ask Joe from For The Reels.

Fuzzy Memory – The harest part about THIS comic is getting all of Josh’s words into the comic. SERIOULY MAN.

But Skit and Skat I can’t make the same jokes I make else where, it should be fun! Also it’s nice to have something to show my kids! since they are not allowed to see anything else I do.

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