Today is Monday, where’s my fish?

I planned to write this SUPER AWESOME POST OF AWESOMENESS this morning when I came into work…instead I’ve been busy.

“How busy” you ask.

“Well, so busy that I was unable to take my morning number 2 until 9:45am!” I respond to you.

“You realize that number is only important if I have some sort of reference to when you GET to work, or rather LEAVE for work, don’t you?” You tell me snarkily.

“Oh, well I leave my house at 5:30 in the morning, answered apologetically.”

“did you just say ‘answered apologetically?”

“You where supposed to hear that…that was supposed to be typed…my bad”

“I’m leaving, this is stupid”

“oh no! don’t go…oh, your gone. dammit….”

aaaannnd scene.

Thank you, thank you. this has been a presentation of jhorsley3 theater. Join us again next week where will forget to do one of these.

And now for something that looks like a sausage.

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