Today is a good day

This will be short, mostly because I’m writing this from my phone.

It’s Valentine’s day today.

More importantly it’s my wife’s birthday.

She turns 29 and is now in the final year of her 20s. I’m proud to say I’ve know her for the entirety of her 20s so far and been fortunate enough to watch her change and become that amazong wife, mother, woman, and person she is today.

Every day she excites me with her wisdom and her love for our family. I can’t think of anyone better to raise my 5 beautiful children than her. She grounds me. She keeps me firmly planted in reality when I get caught up in the clouds. She forces me to deal with my anxiety and has helped me to become a better person a million times over what I was when I met her.

Without her I would not be who I am today.

She is the reason I have a college degree.

The reason I have these amazong children, all five of them.

The reason I push my self to work so hard to give the family what it needs.

Happy birthday Kaylie. I love you.

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