Today is a day that I wish I was asleep 3

I love my wife dearly and I am waiting impatiently every second for the arrival of my new baby girl (I feel like I’ve written this blog post before…about 3 years ago) but what I don’t love is sleepless nights. I’m sure it’s extremely less fun for her, but this is me talking here so let’s focus on me. Okay? Okay.

I REALLY hate the last month of pregnancy for many reasons. Let me list them for you:

  1. Sleepless nights waking up when the wife has a contraction or needs something
  2. Watching your wife be uncomfortable all the time
  3. Watching your wife be in pain constantly
  4. Know that this is it, soon you will have your new baby and you can not speed it up.
  5. The whole world thinks its okay to touch your wife’s belly and “rub it for luck”

Again, let me clarify I know this is worse for the pregnant person, but it still sucks for me, on a different level.

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I also hate the weird feeling you get in the pit of your stomach towards the end when she is in pain form contractions and you are stuck at work unable to leave. She want’s you home, you want to be home but you just can’t make that happen.

Not just yet.

More importantly instead of being at work…not work and writing this I could be at home watching Smallville Season 8 with the wife. And eating brownies.

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