today 5

well, i went to school, did some printing shit, did some watercolor shit, worked on y2cl59, talked with Sarah about how gay flip flops are, came home ate a bagel sandwich.

then i picked gayrret up from the buss stop, and went and saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. OMFG that movie is FUCKING AMAZING. wow.

then, we went and saw Jersey Girl, and woah, it was really good too. in a completely different way and for different reasons, but it was really good. i still dont understand how it got a pg-13 rating, but hey oh well i liked it.

then i went to sub way, where there was this REALLY cute girl with dark hair in a Kurdt Cobain t-shirt and pj pants dancing around, making eyes at me and flirting, i was touched, but she was like 15 and i felt dirty and couldnt help but think “was she eve alive before kurdt died?” she probabaly was, i mean she had boobies. and she was really pretty, there was also a blonde making eyes at gayrett, but hes gay so it doesnt matter.(HA! TAKE THAT GARRET!!)

then i came home, wrote this, and im betting i am going to pass out soon, at least i hope so.

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