today 4

so today i got up to go to school, then decided not to go cause i have a ton of shit to do for my trip(which starts at 12noon today) so i layed back down, thinking i would jsut rest a little. well, at 12 i woke up. started workinga round 1 or so, and got a bunch of business shit done. got a phone call from ebay, letting us know that we are one of the Top Sellers in the Collectibles catagory, thought that was pretty cool. they also gave us a bunch of tips on different shit to do and what not.

then i went and hung out with Bryant(used to be in a band with him) well, he wants to get a band together. originaly i was going to play drums for this band, but today he informs me that he wants me to do guitar and keyboards. im like whhoa, i havnt played guitar in a band in about 8 years or more. but fuck it, ill try it out. i catch on fast, so it should all be good.

came home ate a steack sandwich(nummy) then did some more work. i packed all my shit for the trip, then just chille don the internet for awhile listening to MC Chris.

i got in a movie called Rat from netflicks, so i put it in and started playing Final Fantasy XI on garrets acount(thanks garret, haha) it was fun, just walked around killing shit, didnt really do anything major, and like normal in MMORPG’s no one will talk to me, assholes.

the movie Rat was wierd. it was about this family, and the father turns into a rat. and they still call him daddy and what not, its wierd. they talk about how to kill him or what to do with him. strange, pretty funny though, its an Irish film i beleive.

well, thats all, i leave tomorrow. garret will be updating my site on friday, since i wont be around. maybe i will call trista from Seaside, how fun would that be?

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