to mush shit to do 3

well, my room is about 1/3 the way done with being sheet rocked. hopefully we are finisheing it tomorrow, the mudding and taping the day after that, yeah! im so happy, soon i will be living it up in luxury in my phat(yes folks, i said phat) pad(i also said pad, im so 90’s).

fucking dentists. i went there today, to get some silver fillings, it didnt hurt, and the dentists was actual very cool, but i hate it anyways. and i gotta go back on monday to get the one on the other side. then, it gets better, my wisdom teeth need to get pulled, 3 of the fuckers. thats the way life is.

oh, on the other side of things, i havnt been posting alot lately here cause i have been busy hanging out with my girlfriend of about 3 weeks, brigitte. most people allready know her, so i wont bother with a description. ill just say she is very kool, and very pretty. well, im off to bed, i have a long day of sheet rocking ahead of me, yeah how fun

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