Tips Alcohol class, school payments and a little pony.

Wednesday I have to attend this TIPS alcohol serving class for work, even though I don’t serve drinks OR work in the bar. That’s fine, it will teach me how to identify someone who is intoxicated, as if that’s at all hard. The shitty part is I HAVE TO PAY THIRTY FUCKING DOLLARS (that’s $30 for those with special needs) to attend which they will deduct out of a paycheck. If I was working in a bar I could understand me having to pay for it, but since they now require it for all employees of the Lanes regardless of your department, even those with NO association with alcohol, THEY should fucking pay for it. Ass cocks I swear.

I was talking with another employee here about the fact that the owners will pay for your schooling if you talk to them about it and can maintain a 3.0 or higher and how this is a good incentive to keep working here. Then I started thinking about it for me and it really isn’t an incentive for me at all, because my schooling is paid for by my parents already. I mean I could be dastardly and have the owners cut me a check and have my parents still pay for school and keep the money, but I wouldn’t do that to my parents. But I was thinking, if I work here my schooling is paid by someone else, if I work anywhere else my schooling is paid by someone else. So where’s my incentive? For the glorious $8.25 an hour I get paid? For the hours that kill me? Maybe it’s for all the free bowling? Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy working here, and I don’t want to sound like I think I’m all high and mighty and so much above this job or anything. It’s just I feel used sometimes by this job, which I’m sure everyone does at their jobs, but it’s something have to get used to again. After working for yourself for 4 years then going back to work for a boss, it’s a huge change.

In some ways I miss the solidarity of RDAtresures, but I also really like the contemptibility (I don’t think that’s the right word that I want to use, but fuck it I like the way it sounds in this sentence) and people I get to talk to for working here. I meet a lot of fun people here, as well as a lot of creepy weird people, but I like that. And there’s always the chance I will see a fight, some boobs, get to throw someone out or many other countless fun things that come with graveyard shift at a bowling alley. I’m not sure why I am even bothering writing about this, sine it doesn’t really matter, but I feel I should tell you everything. Just like I’m some little girl writing all my thoughts down in my My Little Pony journal. Only difference is I’m not locking them away for no one ever to read, I think if you are going to take the time to write it you should t someone read it. Even if it’s all shit like what I write.

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