thoughts of today 3

well, i talked to thea last night about how im feeling…we pretty much broke up at first then we decided to give it a go one more time. i do like her, and i do care for her, i just dont know how much. blah blah…

on a different note, thea and i were watching boondock saints(good movie), and about half way through, troy(theas borhter) comes home, and three cute girls walk in behind him. they stand there for a minute, say hello, then all go back to his room. i found that pretty funny.

then i wake up this morning, i walk out to the living room(right outside theas room) and i see 2 sleeping bags on the floor, and the third on(the really cute one) is on the love seat and greats me with a hello. i went and piddled in the bathroom, brushed my teeth, then came out and talked to the three girls for awhile, thea was there too, they were really cool.

but just the fact that troy came home with three cute girls, not that he isnt good enough looking to do soo. i wonder were they came from?

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