Thoughts of the day.

As I sit here and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, well rather my son watches it and I listen and try to ignore it, I’m thinking about the holidays, this countries job epidemic and how I am still technically out of work. Makes buying shit for the kids a little hard.

Oh the plus side I my wife has a god job, I’ve picked up a few free-lance jobs and my growing list of comics (y2cl, Furry Animal Magic, Fuzzy Memory, The Skit and Skat Show, and Inanimate Comics) are starting to bring in some money. Finally setting up the skitish store has helped with that, just need to get the rest of the merch up there!

I’m not bummed out or sad or depressed, In fact I’m very happy for the things I do have this holiday and I am very happy for the readers that I have and their willingness to allow me to try and make them laugh and/or entertain them several times a week.

My point? glad you asked! I just want to put into writing that I am thankful this holiday season for my family and for my readers. I need a cute nickname for you, cause ‘ma peeps’ wont work for me.

Frumph.NET’s Great Holiday Hunt Clue: “not”

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