Thoughts of the day 2

Here’s to hoping this isn’t super long winded…I’m just hoping.

Today I watched Meet the Spartans and Superhero Movie. Both of which are extremely stupid but I did like both movies, they made me laugh. I have discovered that I like stupid ass parody films a whole lot more then I thought. I love the Tumb movies from Steve Odenkirk and I can watch Kung Pow: Enter The Fist over and over again and still laugh at it.

These movies REALLY make me wish I lived in a more movie friendly place and could be a part of creating stupid ass comedies that parody shit. Well, not real shit, but you get the point. Keep in mind I don’t have time to do this nor would I even be able to do this unless I got paid for it, which wont happen because I have no experience in the film industry BUT I swear to you I could write some funny ass shit to be put into a TV Show or movie. Someday I dream for y2cl to become a cartoon and/or movie. So if you are some big Hollywood douche bag and you are reading this, give a brotha a chance and drop a crap tone of money my way to make stupid films. I can call you a douche bag because that’s just how funny/awesome I am. Go on, try and not let me, I dare you.

I also want to point out that I have FINALLY re-set up my links page that I am calling my ‘Brick Wall of AWESOME!’. I’ve put up links to a lot of kick ass web-comics that I either read, link or know the authors. I won’t tell you which one though.

And one final thought. If you can’t smell and get cologne for Christmas, is that an insult? (this questions is directed at one person)

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