This time I mean it. 2

What do I mean? I’m not sure, but whatever it is I mean IT. I swear I do.

I’ve been working on something super awesome at work, and I want to share it with all of you, but I’m not allowed to.  I might re-make it in generic form so it’s not tied into what I do and post a ‘how to’ for it, since it’s some pretty awesome CSS that takes one image map and loads configurable pop ups so that it looks like a light box. This is done without any javascript, or need for external pages since it can either all be within one page (internal CSS) or you can load it from a style sheet (external CSS). Phil would be proud.

I think this post will sort of be a stream of conciseness post. I have things I need to type out. Not necessarily important things, just THINGS.

The most recent For The Reels seems to have struck a chord with people. Apparently doing a Signs parody and mocking Mr. Shyamalon has its ups and downs. Hopefully no one puts a hit out on Joe for this. Read through the comments, there’s over 40 of them, but people argue back and forth about the ‘plot’ of the movie, the water. Hell one person even says that the little girl is blessing the water, making it holy water and the aliens are allergic to holy water but not regular water. Even if that WAS the point of the movie, the whole ‘water kills them and they cannot open doors’ theory is shite. Also why in god’s name do we make movies about these interstellar beings that can travel vast distances through space but don’t wear clothes?

Jon Anderson has started blogging, and I must say it’s entertaining.  I rather liked one of his more recent posts titled ‘True Gay Blood. You see, I’m a fan of True Blood. A big fan of True Blood. I’m such a fan I even read the first chapter of the first book that True Blood is based on! Jon brings up an interesting point about the recent GAY nature of True Blood. I say whatever. If you can’t handle seeing gay people kiss/do it/get it on like Donkey Kong, then you are living in the wrong time period.

Which now brings me to another topic of discussion. My new baby. My wife is somewhere in the vicinity of 6 months pregnant, which means 3 months left. This is good news for several reasons. Let me make you a list:

  1. I want to hold my new baby!
  2. I’m ready for my wife to NOT be pregnant anymore.
  3. I want to see Saidey’s reaction to the new baby (she keeps telling me she has a baby in her tummy named Baby. And it’s a boy)
  4. I want to hold my new baby!
  5. I’m ready for my wife to NOT be pregnant anymore.
  6. Wait, I think the last two are repeats. Shit
  7. Ah, dammit, line 6 isn’t part of this list! It’s a comment on the prior ones! SHIT THIS ONE IS TOO! ok, back to the list.
  8. I get to make another birthday comic each year!
  9. It will be a great Christmas gift.

And I think that is all I have to say today. Until next time. This is jhorsley3, signing off.

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2 thoughts on “This time I mean it.

  • khorsley3

    Yes I am very much ready to not be pregnant any more! It effects me waaay more than it effects you, trust me! Saidey is too funny. She has a baby in her tummy and Jakob swears the new baby is hidden somewhere at grandma's and grandpa's! Kodi is the only one in the backround shaking his head, thinking, "what did I get myself in to!" I am glad that people are reading For The Reels lately. Way to go Joe! And John! And Jon! And other people I don't care about. Not saying that I care about Jon and Joe, just John! lol

    I LOVE True Blood too! I have read all the books and cannot wait for the next! Though I don't believe the series will be on as long as the books are. They are already starting to combined some of them together. And since this season is over it is on to the next beginning. Not the beginning of the next True Blood, but the next season of BONES!!! I can't freaking wait! Its this thursday! YAY!!

    And on another note, I LOVE YOU!