this is a post i have been meaning to make for awhile 11

its just me ranting, so feel free to skip it if you would like to

so my whole family is smokers. all of them. all of them that have ever been smoked. the only ones who dont are on my moms side, and i rarely ever see them anyways. but all of the family i am around smokes. personaly, i dont like it thats why i never started. my sister started smokeing when she was about 16, and one of the things i was really happy for was when she quit(all three times). each time i thought great, no more of her smoking.

as some of you know, last month my dad had a heart attack, well he had three of them. so he obviously has to quit smoking, and so does my mom. they have both been smoking for 40+ years, so it will be tough, but they are doing their best and i proud of them. one thing im NOT proud of is that my sister and her boyfriend picked WHEN MY DAD HAD A HEART ATTACK to start smoking again. great fuckin time huh? i mean its hard enough for my parents to quit, and im sure my sister STARTING again doesnt fucking help any.

dont get me wrong, if people want to smoke, thats their decision, and it doesnt bother me. whatever ya know? if they want to do that to them selves more power to them. but i think its REALLY fuckin DICK to start smoking when our dada has a heart attack and has to quit, and then when ever i say something give me the cold shoulder like i should FUCK OFF. im so disapointed with her for this its unreal. there is NO excuse for it. i udnerstand it was a tough time, but i didnt start smoking, i didnt go get drunk, i didnt give in to some weak addiction like she did. i want my family to STOP smoking. i am tired of smelling like smoke where ever i go. im tired of coughing all the time. im tired of worrying about my 7 year old nephew who has lived in a house of smokers his whole life.

at least it isnt as bad as it used to be when my aunt and uncle lived here. 6 hard core smokers in one house, that was fucking horrible. and they wonder why i spend almost all of my time in my place or upstairs.

i think im done.

thanks for those who read, fuck you to those who didnt.

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