think about it

Everyone who thinks america is wrong in this war that we are stupid people trying to take over the world. look at my comic. its simple, and badly drawn, but truthful. its not about oil, its about the tyrannical government.

food for thought. they had plans to try and take Hitler out in 1938, but they thought germany was to economically weak and Hitler did not pose a threat at the time. and look what happened. instead of maybe 1,000 troops dieing in the effort to take him out then, we got millions dead.

think about it before you go and say we are wrong. i hate war. i hate it more then anything. but sometimes the last resort comes to it. use your brains. don’t trust anti-government sites. read your history, it repeats itself. be intelligent. don’t be a high school/collage protesting follower, use your own mind.

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