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So my wife and I are trying to sell our ATT 8525 TILT smart-phones. They are pretty kick ass phones but we just can not afford to keep them on our cell plan right now. She went back to her old RZR and I to my SLVR.

I posted my phones on craiglist. link is here

I received an e-mail from a lady named Thelma Wils. Here is the transcript of said emails.

Thelma Wills:
“Hi, this will make a very good xmas gift.Please notify me if you still have it for sale.”

My response:
Yes I still have this item available. It comes with the phone, charger, a leather belt case and I do have the box with booklet and extra stylus, just need to find it, which shouldn’t be a problem. (I just moved) “

Thelma Wills:

Thanks for getting back to me regarding my request in purchasing your item. Am Thelma wils from Utah, Please my daughter who is working with American Embassy in west Africa is getting married to Ambassador, but due to my ministry work am unable to attend the wedding , so am getting your item as a wedding gift to her , but i cannot be able to receive the item here in Utah and start handling the shipment by my self because of my pastoral work. Moreover my present is needed in the crusade mission.The price you quote on your add is considerable, I hope i can trust you because i really want the item to get to her in time before the wedding. Without standing i want you to provide me your Full Name And Address To enable me mail you over night money order.

OR you can send me your paypal e-mail account,anyone of your choice is okay by me. Yes,before i forget i will adding an additional $180.00 USD during payment for the shipping cost.

Waiting to hearing from you soon

Thelma wils”

At this point I’m pretty certain this is a scam, but I’ll play along. I wont giver her any information she doesn’t already have and it may not be, who knows.

My response:

What is the address and name of your daughter so I can calculate postage and everything.
Are you planning on paying with a paypal balance or paypal e-check? “

See how I fish for information? see if this is a real person or not.

Thelma Wils:
“Here is the shipping address of my daughter

Full Name: Ebuka Okay O
Address: 2 peterokoye Street Uwanai Enugu
Enugu state
Postal Code:400001

Please confirm and send me the information i will use to make the payment asap.
Thelma wills”

This means it’s a real person, but it still feels like a scam.

My Response:

Thank you, I will keep this in my records. My paypal email is, same as the email I am emailing your from.
Once payment clears I can mail the phone. How would you like it shipped?”

Still I press on with questions to see if I get answers. Her response of ‘item’ rather then ‘phone’ triggered my bullshit metter early on.

Thelma Wils:
“Hi Dear, i just want to inform you that i have sent the payment for the phone i also paid extra money to cover the shiping charge.Plase do use usps priority mailo servicfe to ship it to the address paypal will give you and get back to me with the tracking number or the shipment refrence number.Do ship it today.I will check back later.Waiting to hear from you soon.”

At this point I check my paypal balance, nothing. I have received no letter from paypal stating that I had an awaiting payment.

My Reponse:
“I will let you know when I get the money from paypal.”

I decided to check my spam folder in my gmail to see if there was anything there, and sure ’nuff, I had a payment from Thelma Wils! for $350! could this be? Let me look this over, see if it is legit…

Does this even look real?

Does this even look real?

Take a look for yourself. Would you fall for this? I didn’t think so. For the record, is FAKE! If you ever get a payment from them it’s a scam.

Let’s carry on shall we?

My Responce:

Thank you for your interest in the phone, but I know about and it not being a legitimate paypal service. The e-mail does not even look legitimate. If you really do want the phone an actual paypal payment will work, otherwise good luck trying to scam someone else. “

I have not heard back from her yet, but when I do I will update everyone on this.

I also have a guy in Seattle interested in the phones and want’s me to ship it to him cause he is busy. He want’s my full name, address and phone number and won’t settle for my PO BOX, he want’s my home address. Fuck that. I’m happy to sell you the phone, but you will buy it on my terms or you can fuck yourself.

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