The Worst Web-Comic In The World

I came across a web-comic today that I thought I would share with you. Is this the most amazing piece of comic you will ever find on the web? That, my friend, is up in the air. I can tell you that you will never see anything quite like this on the web.

The Worlds Worst Web-Comic at least is not deceiving in it’s name. From the start it tells you exactly what it is. I commend the creator for this, who tells me that he is currently on hiatus from The Worlds Worst Web-Comic, not because he is out of ideas or is to busy, but because he just doesn’t care to update it anymore.

A legacy left for everyone to enjoy in the archives and annuals of web-comic history. It’s name precedes it and it’s quality deceives it.

Take a look though, I guarantee you will find something you like. On the off chance you don’t, oh well. Better luck next time.

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