The Road to 1000 in 2016 1

I don’t know about you, but I have made myself some pretty big goals for 2016. Be more active, be more productive, and the normal everyone makes and breaks each year. However, I have made one that I plan to keep, or at least do my BEST to keep.

I relaunch and it’s various comics on 1/1/2016.

That’s right, the y2cl-verse of comics is back! And better than ever!

As of RIGHT Now:
 (there is also a super secret daily comic over on Instagram)

Coming Soon!



My goal is to get back into being creative.

I also have a goal of publishing 1000 comics this year.

You read that right, I plan to publish ONE THOUSAND comics pages across my various web-comics in 2016!

I will blog about it with the hashtag #y2cl1000in2016 with my progress throughout the year.

This will be an awesome journey, join me a long the way!

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